Friday, January 19, 2024

High Five for Friday (1.19.24)



The Lads went 3-0 at the Aggieland Classic This tournament was a great way to wrap up pre-season play and prepare for district games, which begin next week. #wegoagain on Tuesday!


From child to tween to teen to man.

Photo credit: Steve Bushman, Bushman Studios 

For anyone who might like to follow along (Mom), I'll be adding all of Will's 23-24 Lads photos to this album.


On Saturday afternoon, Tom and Hallie attended the kids' high school's musical (The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical - they both agreed it was very well done) while I attended a good friend's surprise birthday party. Some people are so easy to celebrate, and Kristen is one of those people; she's funny, kind, compassionate, inclusive, and an incredibly hard worker, and it was so much fun to surprise her and spend the afternoon with her, her family, and her friends.

Pretty sure we took a picture, but it must not be on my phone because I can't find it...


On Sunday we headed to Houston Ballet so Hallie could audition for their summer intensive. This isn't a program she expects to be accepted into, which makes me even prouder of her for auditioning. 

The process of auditioning for summer intensives is not for the faint of heart. This is our first year to give it a go, and while Hallie has received some "Congratulations!" responses, she's also received some "Thank you so much for auditioning..." responses. I just hope we can find a place she wants...that also wants her. 


Snow Day! Sunday night/Monday morning brought with it a drastic drop in temperature and enough precipitation to coat our roadways with a layer of ice and the tiniest bit of snow. Since no cities in Texas have the ability to plow, sand, salt, etc. the roads, cancellations started rolling in - we didn't have dance on Monday (we already didn't have school, since it was MLK Jr. Day), and we didn't have school or dance on Tuesday. The three-day weekend was fantastic on its own, but the extra day was AMAZING.


Will had an allergist appointment scheduled for Monday morning. About an hour before his appointment time, the office called us and the following conversation occurred.

Office Manager: "Hi, Mrs. Ferris. Given the weather, how are you feeling about coming in for your appointment?"

Erin: "Well, we're from Wisconsin, so..."

Office Manager: "Oh good! So you'll be here!" 

Turns out we were one of only a couple of patients who made it into the office that morning. (Tom confirmed, however, that the roads were BAD, and that even with experience driving in wintry conditions and on icy roads he was nervous out there.) 


Happiness Highlights

Hallie sent me this. I'm sending it to all of you.

Lunch with friends.

63 custom Lads noisemakers to kick off the season.

I can't unsee this either.

Snowdays are the best.

30 stress bananas...also to kick off the Lads season.

Hallie drew the heart early in the morning. Later in the day,
Will's friend Andreas ran by and updated the message a bit. 

Happy weekend, friends!

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