Friday, May 26, 2023

High Five for Friday (5.26.23)


Anyone else drowning in May...ness? Sometimes I think May is worse - schedule-wise - than December. Just one more weekend of complete crazy though, and then we can settle into our slightly more relaxed summer schedule!


Hallie spent two of her last days of school on field trips: NJHS to the movies, a picnic lunch, and ice skating* and 8th grade to Grand Station for bowling, miniature golf, laser tag, and arcade games. Both were fun ways to celebrate the end of middle school!

* I picked up Hallie early from this field trip...with recital this weekend, there was no way she was going ice skating. This was her decision - she preferred to go back to school rather than risk a fall that could result in an injury.


Apparently bucket hats are making a comeback these days. Will is VERY into wearing his...I wonder if he'll feel the same way once he sees this picture? 

Circa 1996 or 1997: that's me on the right, and
my sister is in the purple shirt with the black hat. 


Shockingly, these babies are still available for adoption! They are DELIGHTFUL and would make wonderful additions to any family. Let me know if you'd like to meet them!


Paquita is this weekend! If you live anywhere near BCS and enjoy ballet, I encourage you to come see this beautiful show. 

Paquita would be a great "first ballet" for new or young ballerinas - the caliber of the production is high, but the show is abbreviated making it perfect for shorter attention spans. (i.e. Will's) Tickets are available here.


School's out for summer! (As of 12:20pm today, that is.)

First day of 8th and 10th grade...looking forward to
comparing it to the photo I'll take of them later today. 

Happy weekend, friends!

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