Tuesday, May 9, 2023

"Fixer Upper"

Right before we moved into our house nearly 12 (?!) years ago, we - in partnership with the sellers - replaced our countertops and backsplash. Throughout the last decade, we replaced all of the appliances (the refrigerator more than once), then a few years ago my mom and I added hardware to the cabinets and drawers, and over spring break my mom painted the kitchen walls for us.

But the kitchen still felt - for lack of a better word - blah, to me. And so, after years and years of hemming and hawing and trying to decide what I wanted to change, what colors I wanted to use, how I wanted it done, and when I wanted it done, I finally pulled the trigger and had our kitchen updated. 

First we removed the drop ceiling light and the less-than-functional light over the sink, added pancake lights, and refinished the ceiling. Then we painted the cabinets and drawers (our cabinetry is well-made of quality materials and is still in good shape) and replaced all of the hardware.

The difference in this room, and by extension all the rooms the kitchen touches, is night and day. 

The process took five days. The beforehand prep and the afterwards labor (moving everything out and then putting everything back in) were extensive and it was tough living in varying levels of chaos while the work was being done (the kitchen was completely closed off four days, the laundry room was closed off for two full days, and poor PliĆ© and Popeye had to live in the playroom from start to finish), but I'm SO glad we finally made this happen. 

Popeye, wondering why there were
so many boxes out in the kitchen...

Oh right, that's why. That's a panoramic photo of the office, where
we stored the majority of our kitchen for the better part of a week.

PliƩ and Popeye had to go outside by way of
the playroom's exterior door. They did NOT like it.

An "in progress" photo I took for my mom by
unzipping the kitchen's plastic cocoon and sticking
just my arm through the slightly open zipper gap.

If you're interested in who we used for the project, let me know - I'm happy to share their information!

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