Friday, May 19, 2023

High Five for Friday (5.19.23)



Will was invited to spend his junior year playing soccer - while attending a soccer-focused high school - in Italy. He's not going (he doesn't feel ready for that significant of a leap, nor do I feel ready to send him overseas for nine months), but he put it best when he breathed a sign of (what seemed to me to be) relief and declared that, "it feels really good to be asked."


We survived the epic Saturday that is (studio) dress rehearsal! I dropped Hallie off at 8am, ran home for a quick walk (in the pouring rain), a shower, and to check on the kittens, and then returned at 9:45am to the theater...where we stayed until almost 9pm. It was a LONG day, but we had fun and the dancers are all but ready for their recital in a couple of weeks! 

(That's Hallie up in the air.)

We also survived our Paquita dress rehearsal, which took place on Tuesday evening. This production is going to be lovely - if you live in BCS and are at all interested in ballet, I highly encourage you to attend. This would also be a great show for young ballerinas, as it is a shortened version of the full ballet. Let me know if you'd like more information!


After spending all of Saturday dress rehearsaling (Tom and Will spent their Saturday working at home and working at the soccer fields respectively), Sunday felt pretty chill. It rained for half of the day, which allowed me to feel much better about taking my sweet time to get up and moving. And even though I still had multiple loads of laundry, a moderate amount of housework, and a few "administrative tasks" to tackle, the day felt leisurely comparatively.

I'm not much for making Mother's Day a big deal. All I really want is for someone to go get me donuts or kolaches ✔, to have help getting the house in order for the upcoming week (since Sunday is our family's day for "jobs," as the kids call them) ✔, and to not make dinner ✔.



On Monday evening we attended Hallie's last choir concert of the year, and then later that night we celebrated her success with a (school Spirit Night) takeout meal from Harvey Washbangers. (Takeout was required because she - of course - had dance both before and after the concert.) She's ready to say goodbye to middle school choir and skeptical about what high school choir, but I have high hopes she'll find her people and (renewed) joy in singing next year.


These sweet babes are soon-to-be posted for adoption! As soon as I have their official bios I'll share them here; in the meantime, let me know if you'd like to come meet Milton, Wooloomooloo, and Kirawee. They are the cutest (Will has declared them the most adorable litter we've ever had) and sweetest babes around, and we'd love to introduce you!

Happy weekend, friends!

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