Friday, December 3, 2021

High Five for the Nutcracker

I usually post about our annual production of The Nutcracker the week after the show wraps, and in keeping with that tradition, I promise to share pictures of Hallie as a party girl in next Friday's High Five post. But in honor of returning to the stage after a two-year hiatus (and because it's not too late to get tickets!), I'm posting about The Nutcracker today as well. 

"As museums, galleries, studios, theatres, and performance spaces shuttered their doors in 2020, the arts community grieved. Those many months without access to art were dark ones for so many people.

Yet the artists and the art lovers, the nonprofit organizations, and the community groups all carried on, dreaming about and preparing for the day people would once again flood the hallways and fill the seats. And now, what better way to celebrate the arrive of that long-awaited day than by taking in a show, perhaps a holiday favorite that harmoniously blends both charming music and elegant dancing: The Nutcracker Ballet."

Those are my words, but they're in quotes because I wrote them for a Texas Living article about The Nutcracker, specifically about the magic and majesty of the state's lesser-known - yet nonetheless impressive - productions of the ballet.

Ballet Brazos began in 2012 with the mission to "instruct, educate, and enrich young people and their audiences through the art of dance and provide quality classical ballet performances for the community". These performances showcase local talent, cultivate an appreciation for the arts, and inspire the next generation of dancers, and collaborative efforts since Ballet Brazos' inception have contributed to the nonprofit organization's significant growth both in size and prestige.

This year Ballet Brazos welcomes professionals Kathryn Morgan and Lucien Postlewaite, as well as guest artists from around the state and pre-professional ballerinas from across the Brazos Valley, to the stage. We expect stunning performances from all of our performers, and I know our lovely pre-professionals will demonstrate their natural talent as well just how hard they have worked throughout the last four months in preparation this weekend. Combine the exceptional dancing with beautiful sets, stunning costumes, and a world-class stage and you'll have a spectacular show, one of which Ballet Brazos, the dancers, and the community can be proud. As a friend of mine recently put it, "this is no recital, folks. It's a genuine production". 

If you'd like to see Ballet Brazos' production of The Nutcracker, you have three opportunities to do so:

Friday, December 3rd, 7pm (TODAY)

Saturday, December 4th, 2pm (TOMORROW)

Saturday, December 4th, 6:30pm (TOMORROW)

Contact the MSC Box Office at 979.845.1234 or visit to purchase tickets.

I don't rave about Ballet Brazos' production of The Nutcracker because Hallie is about to dance in it for the sixth time, or because Tom is the "master of sleigh lights", or because I have a vested interest in the success of the show. I rave about Ballet Brazos' production of The Nutcracker as someone who, as of seven ago, couldn't stand to watch ballet (true story) but who has come around because the production is just that good. I feel incredibly lucky to live in a community that can support a ballet-focused nonprofit organization as well as three shows in a 2,500-seat auditorium.

Join us this weekend, and make The Nutcracker Ballet part of your holiday celebrations!

A few of my favorite photos - in no particular order - from throughout the years. 

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