Friday, December 10, 2021

High Five for Friday (12.10.21)

I have quite a few major high fives to share, as it's been three weeks since my last HFFF post. Here we go!


I finally convinced Will to try cryo, and while he was hesitant at first, by the end of his first session he had become a fan. He said it wasn't nearly as physically or mentally challenging as an ice bath - which they do regularly at school - and he felt great afterwards. I'm happy to add this "treatment" to our toolbox as we attempt to keep his body healthy during the soccer season (and by soccer season, I mean year round) and I I think I'm going to start going myself!


We had a lovely Thanksgiving break in Lincoln, Nebraska. The week kicked off with my birthday - thank you to everyone who helped make it special in person and to all those who reached out from afar to wish me a happy day! 

Making the drive from one house to the other with
the cake in tow was a little stressful, but we did it...

...and then the cake took a tumble off the cake plate and onto
the table. If that's not 2021 for you, I don't know what is. 😂

We took hardly any pictures that day, but it makes sense that the two pictures we did take are of cake. 

We also had a lovely - and delicious - Thanksgiving. 

Again, very few pictures. I'm going to chalk that up to being busy in the kitchen but also being busy spending time with family.

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, a significant portion of our crew headed to Husker Stadium to watch Nebraska take on the Iowa Hawkeyes. I decided that as much as I love football and my Hawkeyes, I really wanted Will to experience the game and so I sent him in my place. Post-game, various combinations of us had the opportunity to watch AJ (Tom's sister Jenna, who we now call AJ for "Aunt Jenna") and her band perform. Congratulations to both teams on a game well-played, and to The 402 on a great gig!

2021, especially as the sequel to 2020, didn't look anything like what we expected or hoped. But for every uncertainty, frustration, and fear, 2021 offered us moments of peace, reasons to smile, and unexpected silver linings. I hope that whatever this year held for you and yours, you were able to find something small but meaningful for which to be thankful on this special day.


(A) Nutcracker - our first two outreach performances (we have four more next week) and our full stage production - went beautifully. These last two weeks have been bonkers, but OH, what an amazing experience Hallie and I shared with each other, with our friends, with her fellow dancers, and with the audiences. I promise to share more about the big show once I can finally wrap my head around the magic...and the work behind the magic. 

(B) Both sets of grandparents came all the way to Texas - from Nebraska and Wisconsin - to see this year's production. What a gift to have families who care so deeply about being there for the important moments in Will and Hallie's lives.

(C) You know you were waiting for this...   











Though Hallie and I missed it (we were at tech rehearsal for Nutcracker), Will wrapped up his first semester of JV orchestra with a lovely Christmas concert that all four of his grandparents were able to attend. When he started playing the cello in fifth grade I really thought he'd stick with it only as long as was required by the district's elective and fine arts credit requirements, so getting to watch and listen to him play as a freshman in high school feels like "bonus" time in the audience. 

And then Hallie wrapped up her first semester of middle school choir on Monday night with a lovely joint Christmas concert. Her choir was joined by the other choirs from her middle school, the choir from her alma mater intermediate school, and the Brazos Valley Chorale, of which her teacher is a part. Though I don't in any way feel safe at these events, I try to appreciate - no, I do appreciate - that they're happening and that I have the opportunity to watch my kids share what they've worked so hard on this school year.


Last but certainly not least... High school soccer tryouts were held last week. Will has been waiting for this opportunity for years, and I'm so unbelievably proud to report that his hard work paid off - he made the varsity team. After their first game, Will's coach told him that he'd played with the composure and confidence of a senior - an excellent compliment to kick off the season! 

6am practices are fun...

#18 (an upper classman has his preferred #17)

With the ball, right at center field.

Happy weekend, friends!

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