Friday, December 17, 2021

High Five for Friday (12.17.21)

This week's HFFF post is a hodgepodge of happy moments from the last few weeks. I'm keeping it simple as we wrap up the semester and I finish preparing for Christmas...I hope you and yours are also able to quiet the literal and figurative noise and enjoy the coming holidays! 

Finally, someone summed up how my brain works...and my computer desktop looks. 

Remember these two itty bitty boys? 

Pugsley and Lurch, our first bottle babies.

Sharing this one is unnecessary because you know
which kittens I'm talking about, but I love it so much...

Here's what those two little girls look like today. Oops! 😂

I feel like I can see her soul through those eyes.
It was really hard not to tell SKR I wanted her back.

And look at this cutie! I loved - and
still love - her little half-and-half nose.

Proud mama moments:

Yes, this happened in September. But the
note came home after Thanksgiving. 😂

We have new kittens! Remember Aretha and Dumpling? The two kittens who Hallie - with her love and patience and tenderness - nearly singlehandedly socialized and prepared for adoption? Well now we have four Arethas/Dumplings, and Hallie is working so hard to do the same for these babies. They are tender and gentle, and they're going to make wonderful pets (and are available for adoption)...they just need a little extra TLC to be ready for their forever families*.

Top: Annie (Oakley)
Bottom, left to right: (Pecos) Bill, Molly
(Pitcher), Sally (Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind)

In the beginning, Molly let out a wimpy hiss
every time we approached, but her hiss has all but
disappeared and she seems to actually like being
cuddled after she gets over being picked up.

She's so pretty.

She has three kittens in there. Molly likes it, Sally and
Annie tolerate it, and Bill can't stand it. Interestingly,
the two kittens who have been the biggest fans of the
sweatshirt were both Tuxedo cats.

Bill and Sally, who is the most fearful. I
honestly couldn't believe Hallie managed this hold.

Annie and Molly

Bill, protecting his sisters, all of who are in the
cubby of the tower behind him. He doesn't do this
anymore, which I consider a victory!

She ALMOST gave it up and went to sleep, but
not quite. She likes the snuggles, but just can't let
her guard completely down yet.

Every kitten loves "the shoe thing". 

* These babies are ready to be adopted and we're actively looking for their forever homes. They are, as I mentioned above, gentle and tender, and while they may be nervous, they've never bitten or scratched us. They all need someone who or a family - probably with older kids - that is patient and will take the time to help them adjust. If you or someone you know is interested, let me know!

(Other) Happiness Highlights:
Sometimes when we drive, Will gives my hand a little
squeeze. I will never, ever forget what that feels like.

Hallie was thrilled when we finally turned
on the fireplace for the first time this year!

But her excitement paled in comparison to his. I'm so glad we
could give him this gift - his happiness about the fire balances
out his unhappiness about getting new kittens after two weeks
of him being an only cat again. 

Marianne's big sister, Lucy, wouldn't let me (or anyone 
else) hold her, so it's fabulously fun that Marianne is ever 
so happy to help us dance mamas get our baby fix!

My nephew pup, Fabio, is my favorite.

Do you know about napkin roses?! Learning how to
make this table art was - at the risk of sounding mildly
dramatic - life-changing. Every table I set from now
until the end of time will include napkin roses.

This is silly, but it made me laugh and still makes
me laugh every time I think about it. "Is your pet
adopted?" "No, I birthed this kitten myself." 😂

Love my new computer "attire". Cheers to you, RBG.

Hard at work on a balmy, 80-degree December day.
I love watching him work. (I don't think he loves me
watching him work as much as I love watching him work.)

The tree is up!

"I see a free shoulder. I should be laying on it."

He's not a fan of the cat/pouch sweatshirt (likely
because it smells like kittens), but he'll gladly ride
around inside Hallie's pajamas.

Reindeer Day!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!

Happy weekend, friends!

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