Friday, October 8, 2021

High Five for Friday (10.8.21)


Last Friday, my sister's best friend forever - who was like my second sister growing up - got married. I couldn't attend the wedding for a number of reasons, but my sister, BIL, and parents were there to represent the Mueller family and pass along my love.

L-R: my BIL, sister, mom, and dad.

That's Chelse singing, and my sister and dad playing the guitar, in the video.

Congratulations, Chelse and Mark! 


The Halloween decor is out! It wouldn't be a holiday if I didn't add at least one festive holiday pillow to my collection, so this year I added...five. It's my mom's fault though - she found three of them at stores near her and sent me pictures, knowing full well that I wouldn't be able to say no. 


Our bottle babies are gone, but we still have the Harry Potter babies and OH my goodness, they're the sweetest. They gave me a run for my money with tapeworms (my first experience with this disgusting parasite) this week, but we survived that ailment and are moving on to greener pastures!


Thank you to everyone who sent love and best wishes and good vibes to Will on his birthday! We celebrated as a family - with a few gifts, one of Will's favorite meals, and cherry pie (he chose pie over cake this year) - on Sunday because Tom had to leave for another trip on Monday (Will's actual birthday). Will spent his birthday at school, at a debate club meeting, doing homework, and at soccer practice, but we did manage to fit in our traditional birthday donuts for breakfast and Will picked sushi for our takeout dinner.

The kittens loved the wrapping paper.

He picked cherry pie instead of a cake this year.

He stays up too late, so we had to put the balloons in his
room while he was still awake on his birthday eve. He
humored us by pretending to be asleep while weworked.

Yum! (For him. I'm not a fan.)

For his birthday Will asked for "an experience" with his family, rather than a big gift or lots of little (he told me this after we'd bought him a suit, but whatever). COVID plus an insanely busy fall schedule for all of us made planning said experience a little tough, but I finally came up with something I thought would work and it's on the calendar for next Sunday night. More to come!


Happiness Highlights

Could she BE any cuter?! 
(This is my niece, River.)

My nephew, Forest, has started losing all his teeth!

And my other nephew, Carter, is crushing is on the
soccer field! (Zoom in and check out his tongue. 😂)

One of Will's soccer practices looked like this week. There are
13 fields at this complex, and the only one being watered was the
one Will's team was assigned to. The boys loved it.

Hallie - with Tom's supervision - is building a robot!

One year... 😭💙

No big deal...just my SIL on the cover of a magazine.

Edible (though not very tasty) Halloween
arts and crafts after Nutcracker rehearsal.

Cancelled soccer games meant these boys had time
for an impromptu trip to Houston to play disc golf!

Happy weekend, friends!

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