Friday, October 1, 2021

High Five for Friday (10.1.21)


It was so nice to have Tom home these last few days! We missed him, of course, so it was lovely to just spend time catching up with him in person. But I also appreciated having my co-parent, co-driver, co-tutor, and co-homeowner back for things like shuttling kids at 9:30pm and changing the living room lightbulbs that are JUST out of reach for both me and Will. 

Studying for a math test with Dad is way more fun than
studying for a math test with Mom. For both Hallie and Mom.

Tom has a lot more travel ahead of him this year (he's on sabbatical, and the research he's working on is taking place out of state), so we're doing our best to appreciate the time we have with him when he's home. 


In addition to having Tom home, we've had Harry, Ron, and Hermione (temporarily) home too! It's funny how their personalities seem to line up - at least somewhat - with the personalities of the characters after which they're named...Hermione is brave, bold, and confident; Ron is timid and sweet; and Harry is gentle, kind, and somewhat confused about both his "powers" and how to interact with others like him. 

We had to work tremendously hard to the gain the trust and affection of our last two fosters (Aretha and Dumpling, affectionately known as our therapy kitties), and while that work was more than worth our time and effort, it's been delightful to have these three showing us all the love in the world, no questions asked, from the moment they scampered out of their cage on that first day. 

And for those of you who read Tuesday's post, their GI issues are improving - thank goodness!


Having the opportunity to join choir was one of the things Hallie was most excited about when it came to middle school. Thus far she has LOVED the experience, and she was thrilled that she and her choir were able to sing the National Anthem - with other CSISD choirs - at one of our high schools' football games last Friday night. 

It's hard to see her in that sea of middle and high school singers,
but she's on the left toward the front and has a blue bow in her hair. 

Dance mom friends turned choir mom friends!

We didn't stay for the game because as Hallie was singing, Tom was arriving back into town and we wanted to head home to see him. But she's singing the National Anthem again tonight, this time at Will's high school's football game, and we're all going to our first (official, as in we have a child in high school) Friday Night Lights experience together!


Fall has arrived. I realize fall officially arrived last week, but I forgot to include this important high five in last week's blog post. Fall is my absolute favorite, and the ever so slight shift in our temperatures - upper 80s instead of mid 90s - has contributed to an ever so slight shift in attitude and mood.

No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face. 

~ Picture and quote courtesy of the Instagram account @fallwinterparty.


Happiness Highlights

I miss spending time (other than in the car) with Will. Between
school, homework, debate, soccer, and refereeing, he barely has
enough time to sleep. So when he had 30 free minutes last week, I
gladly spent it with him, eating a late dinner and chatting over Psych. 

And then he quickly beat me at chess.

Found this pic of Will - taken for his player card his
first year playing competitive soccer with Texans. 😭

I like that he still needs me.

Halloween pajamas have come out!

We had two marvelous nights that
were cool enough to open the windows! 

One of my newest Starbucks cups! 😍

This is River. She's a whole mood, and I'm 100%
on board with it. Also, she's just as cute as can be.

Happy weekend, friends!

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