Friday, October 16, 2020

High Five for Friday (10.16.20)

May her legacy be a revolution.
Might be my favorite mask yet. (Thanks, Mom!)

I chopped my hair off! 

I get my hair professionally cut and colored once, maybe twice, a year. In between those cuts, my mom - who I usually see about every three months - trims my hair for me. She trimmed my hair when she was in town for Nutcracker 2019, and I had planned on her trimming it again come March or April, when she would have - during a normal year - visited for Hallie's birthday. Ah, best laid plans, amiright?

I didn't see my mom in March, or during the summer months, and let me tell you - my hair was in BAD shape. I wasn't actually quite ready to venture into a salon, but the alternative was letting Hallie have a go at it and that seemed too risky. 

So now it's done, thank goodness. I feel like I've "cut off" (let go of) some of my 2020 baggage, and that's not a bad feeling.

Also, I despise selfies.

We didn't have school on Monday, so we started off our (too hot for) fall day with a trip to the pumpkin patch. 

Also, outtakes. 😂

Trips to the pumpkin patch here in Texas look a lot different than they did in Michigan, at least in terms of layers of clothing.

While adorably sweet, these two have been a challenge! Both Dorothy and Ruby developed some gastrointestinal issues that resulted in A LOT of poop in A LOT of places that weren't the litter box. First we tried a probiotic, which proved challenging, as it needed to be mixed with and consumed by way of wet food, which Dorothy does NOT like. Then we moved on to a stronger med, which took three of us to administer orally twice daily for five days. Oh, and Dorothy has claws like no kitten I've ever met and isn't shy about using them to climb up our bare legs (or anything else for that matter). 

On one of their first nights, we couldn't find either kitten when it was time to tuck them into bed. We knew they hadn't escaped because none of us had been outside for hours, but after all four of us searched the house top to bottom for 20+ minutes with no luck, we started to panic. Finally, while looking under our bed for the fourth time, I happened to see a tiny bit of movement coming from inside the it turned out, they had torn a hole (or perhaps enhanced a tiny hole that already existed) in the bottom lining of the boxsprings and climbed inside the mattress. We were so relieved to find them that we didn't even mind taking the entire bed apart to lift up and essentially (gently) slide them down to the bottom of the boxsprings so we could pull them out. 

We had to take the entire bedroom apart, but we got them out!

But...even though Dorothy and Ruby pooped on the carpet SO MANY TIMES, and even though we're covered in kitten scratches, and even though they scared the daylights out of us by hunkering down inside our bed, and even though they took far longer to warm up to us than Lilo, Mahalo, and Scrumpy Scrumperson, we love them dearly. And we feel like we've officially earned our foster family stripes with these two!  

Happiness Highlights
Tom brought me home a treat - this delicious brew
plus a mini chocolate cake - as a "it seems like you
needed this" gift. I did need it.

They're back!

Delicious samples - a surprise, delivered
right to my door - from my favorite coffee guys.

Well, this was fun...

The collage I shared on National Son's Day - I
thought it deserved a little screen time here too.

Sleepover in their matching Nutcracker pajamas!

This is how Tom goes to work.

This is what Hallie made/had made/bought Will
for his birthday. It came a couple of days late which
bummed her out, but she was so proud of it.

When it's not too hot outside, Hallie and I
enjoy our morning beverages together on the porch.
I'm so glad we decided to add/update this space!

Happy weekend, friends!

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